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3.2. calendrier – Calendar views

New in version 1.2.

This application adds the following features:

  • show timeline and history pages as a calendar
  • export of calendars to iCalendar (.ics) format

3.2.1. Dependencies

This application optionally depends on django-ical to export generated calendars to iCalendar format.

To install django-ical: pip install django-ical.


To enable the calendrier application, it must be enabled in the settings file: add 'openPLM.apps.calendrier' to the list of installed applications (INSTALLED_APPS).

3.2.3. Collecting static files

Run ./ collectstatic.

3.2.4. Testing

To test this application, visit the timeline or any history page. A Calendar link should be visible. Visit this link, you should see a nice calendar. If django-ical is installed, a download link is available at the bottom of the page.