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2. Create

This document describes how to create Parts, Documents. It describes how to add new Users too.

the create view
Select the type (or subtype) of object you want to create :
  • Part
  • Document
  • Group
  • User
When "Auto" box is checked, the reference of the object will be automatically generated. You can uncheck this box if you want to enter a reference.
The revision of the object is automatically set to "a" when you create it but you can modify it as you want.
Select the lifecycle of the object
Select the group which can reach the document
Import csv files to create PLM object, Bom or add users.

2.1. Other creation tools

2.1.2. Import from a csv file

PLM object (parts and document) and user can be created with a csv file. This file must contains headers related to the target (object or user). Mostly these headers are the required field in the related object or user creation form.

Example of csv file’s structure :
1 - PLM object
type reference revision name group lifecycle
Part PART_00078 a part_example leading-group draft
Document DOC_00091 b doc_example leading-group official

Download the file.

2 - BOM
parent-type parent-reference parent-revision child-type child-reference child-revision quantity order
Part PART_00078 a Part PART_00080 a 3 10

Download the file.

3 - User
username first_name last_name email groups language
bob Bob Bill leading_group en
bill Bill Bob leading_group/other_group en
The available values for language are :
  • “en” (english)
  • “fr” (french)
  • “es” (spanish)
  • “ja” (japanese)
  • “ru” (russian)
  • “zh_CN” (chinese)

Download the file.