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looking for someone who is willing to work with me to setup OPENplm.

We are a small startup with limited resources. Our software guy has loaded OPENplm on our local server, but he doesn't know enogh about general PLM to help me learn how it works.

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    Reading your post, I guess you successfully installed OpenPLM and, now, you want to learn how to use it. Am I correct ?

    To learn how to use it, you have an online documentation here :

    If you are a professional,  LinObject is also a small startup who can organize some trainings for you and your colleagues.

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      exactly !

      I have looked at the WIKI information, but it is not detailed enough. For example, I followed created an exact duplicate of the a BOM CSV file and I still receive error messages when I try to upload.

      What type of training to you offer ?

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        Here is the documentation that would help you :

        Note that OpenPLM need to find your parts in the vault.

        The standard process is :

        1st step : You create all parts (using csv import is one way to do it)

        2nd step : You create connections between previously created parts (using csv import)

        I advise you to use an ordinary user (not admin, not company) to do it.

        Concerning the csv file for part creation, here is an example that worked in, take care if letters are capital or not :

        Part,PART_00063,A,"My first part, for BOM creation","For guests",draft_official_deprecated
        Part,PART_00064,A,"My second part, for BOM creation","For guests",draft_official_deprecated
        Part,PART_00065,A,"My third part, for BOM creation","For guests",draft_official_deprecated


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