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adding a new part/doc type


i have had a good look around a could not find anything to tell me how to add a new part type

so i saw the bicycle example but i dont want another group of type i would like to have under documents

documents ---policies ---froms ---procedures ...etc


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    May be I've wrong understanding ... Sorry.

    I can tell :

    1. See here in documentation the architecture overview : docs/2.0/en/devel/architecture.html

    You have the branch PLMObject which is shared into Part branch and Document branch

    1. See here in documentation, how to add a sub-type to type Part (but you know it because you mentioned it) : docs/2.0/en/devel/ht_2_add_models.html

    Take this explanation and apply it to Document type. Process is exactly the same :

    class Procedures(Document):

    And adapt methods, controller and controller's methods.

    -- Philippe


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