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dos attack


i have had a report from the hosting company of my openplm server and they have informed me that my server is dos attacking other machines

i wondered if this was actually the email part of openplm trying to get gmail to talkto it and as the keys have rolled over or something on the gmail server its locked openplm out

any ideas...

i did stop apache and django after restoring a backup but they contacted me a few days later to say that it did not fix the problem


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    hi Dan,

    OpenPLM is open source and therefore you can browse 100% of source code. The emails are managed in this file :

    If you specify a gmail account credentials in file, OpenPLM can use it to send emails. But, out of the OpenPLM scope (i.e. sending emails to users for part/document/user creations and others), I don't see any possibility to send unwanted emails.

    Finaly, I'm not an expert but dos attack is related to ping requests, isn't it ? I don't see the relationship with email sending.




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