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FreeCAD integration on Mac OSX

Hello together,

as I mentioned a year ago, I was trying hard to run OpenPLM on my home iMac. Now running OpenPLM on a VM and opening OpenPLM with the shown IP-adress in my favourite browser works fine.

Currently I try to work FreeCAD together with OpenPLM. But all trials failed because I do not know how to get the according plugin work. The tutorial does not really help me.

Can anyone help? I am using Mac OSX 10.8.X and FreeCAD 0.14 stable.

Thanks in advance.


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    The tuto for FreeCAD plugin is here :

    But I guess you've already read it. Anyway, this plugin was designed for FreeCAD versions 0.10 and 0.11 (and you tried for 0.14).

    The plugin uses the http-api :

    And you get a better 3D management using the Document3D app :

    I think you'll have to debug and update the plugin by yourself.

    Could you tell us more about it ?

    Did you succesfuly install the plugin (installing the library Poster and running the command ./ ?

    Do you see the OpenPLM workbench ?

    What are messages from the OpenPLM web server ?



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      Hello Philippe,

      I tried hard to success in connecting OpenPLM with FreeCAD. OpenPLM server is running, I am able to start OpenPLM in my favorite browser with the according IP-address, and I am able to login.

      Starting FreeCAD now offers me the workbench OpenPLM, but when I select the workbench, the only thing that happens is the message in the python console ">>> Gui.activateWorkbench("OpenPLMWorkbench")".

      Nothing else happens. There does not appear any new menu item!?

      I would like to connect the 2 programs in future, but I think there is a lot of work to do for me, isn't it?

      Perhaps there is a simple solution... Perhaps You know some tricks?

      Thanks in advance.


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        Hello Andreas,

        I'm sorry for my late reply.

        The FreeCAD plugin was based on FreeCAD versions 0.10 and 0.11. You are working with FreeCAD 0.14.

        I guess the plugin should be updated due to FreeCAD API modifications.

        If I were you, I'd study the FreeCAD API (starting from the "activateWorkbench" method) and try to modify the OpenPLM plugin (it is written in python).



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