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OpenPLM doesn't send out notification mails after restart

Hello Sir/Madam?, I will like to address my problem and hope someone can give me any solution to solve it.

Firstly, our ISA blocks all unregistered SMTP server in virtual machines. People might be able to install SMTP in the localhost and sending receiving mails in the host, but mails won't go out from the host to any clients. In other clients computer, we can succeed in connecting to the SMTP Server IP with port 25 by Telnet. However, the mail also won't be sent out from the host either- the port 25 is opened (no error, no queue mails, the mail just disappear. I guess that the mails possibly are blocked by some antivirus systems).

Secondly, out ISA gives programmers an domain SMTP IP address for sending alerts, like error messages, and the receiver's mail addresses must contain with the domain name, otherwise we will receive an error from SMTP server( mail address must be ending with domain name like receiver@…). Furthermore, there is no SSL or username required. I can send out by program through the SMTP Server without any problem.

Due to the security reason that I can not install SMTP Server in the OpenPLM host, I have to and have changed the EMAIL_HOST setting from 'localhost' to '' in At beginning, OpenPLM sends out mails via the SMTP Server successfully. However, after rebooting or Apache2 restarts, it won't send out any mail anymore. I have also checked the log in /var/log/celery/*.log, but there is no error related.

Our ISA is new, and the security system was setup by vendors so that he doesn't know the problem and how to fix it. My question is ... how do I debug and find out the problem since there is no error in the log? Furthermore, the user address that I register in OpenPLM are following the domain name (in order to make sure it will be accepted by SMTP server like user1@… and user2@…).

I have been struggling on the problem for a week. Any advice are highly appreciated, thanks.


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