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(edit) @2612   4 years pjoulaud s/DEPRECATED/OBSOLETE/g
(edit) @2611   4 years pjoulaud s/Deprecated/Obsolete/g
(edit) @2610   4 years pjoulaud bugfix : we store file in media/3D not in media3D
(edit) @2609   4 years pjoulaud bugfix linked to kjbuckets import
(edit) @2608   4 years pjoulaud MAJOR change for all files, variables, ... All strings deprecated are …
(edit) @2607   4 years pjoulaud Add new pictures for lifecycle
(edit) @2606   4 years pjoulaud s/import Image/from PIL import Image/g
(edit) @2605   4 years pjoulaud s/import kjbuckets/from gadfly import kjbuckets/g
(edit) @2604   4 years pjoulaud Bugfix to comply with tests
(edit) @2603   4 years pjoulaud to test new svn server
(edit) @2602   4 years pjoulaud Typo
(edit) @2599   5 years pcosquer browse: add a filter on templates
(edit) @2598   5 years pcosquer fix create page
(edit) @2597   5 years pcosquer new feature: document templates To create a document template, you must …
(edit) @2595   5 years pcosquer OpenPLM 2.1: whatsnew and upgrade instructions
(edit) @2590   5 years pcosquer home page: give focus to the search field
(edit) @2586   5 years pcosquer document3D: use ajax_login_required instead of login_required
(edit) @2585   5 years pcosquer view: create and attach: fix notification message
(edit) @2584   5 years pcosquer Document3D: decompose: hide hidden fields (pfiles)
(edit) @2583   5 years pcosquer document3D: fix order of column headers
(edit) @2581   5 years pcosquer document3D: fix update_assembly (did not returned the checked in file)
(edit) @2580   5 years pcosquer search: fix genererated html you do not need to rebuild the index, a …
(edit) @2579   5 years pcosquer file.js: fix upload/check in on IE 10 and opera see #215
(edit) @2578   5 years pcosquer timeline: use prefetch_related instead of select_related (less objects) …
(edit) @2577   5 years pcosquer navigate: * disable fullscreen button if full screen is not …
(edit) @2575   5 years pcosquer navigate: fix overlapping of full screen button and thumbnails list
(edit) @2571   5 years pcosquer document3D: fix public 3D view (add screenfull.js)
(edit) @2569   5 years pcosquer fix a bug in step file recomposition
(edit) @2566   5 years pcosquer s/dev/final/ ?
(edit) @2559   5 years pcosquer s/1.3/2.0/
(edit) @2558   5 years pcosquer templates: bom: change layout of the form: level : * all * first * last …
(edit) @2556   5 years pcosquer css: fix an alignment of dropdown button on webkit
(edit) @2554   5 years pcosquer models: document the PLMObject.description field
(edit) @2553   5 years pcosquer badges: typo
(edit) @2550   5 years pcosquer fix badges app
(edit) @2549   5 years pcosquer templates: user: part-doc-cad: remove link to unreadable "last edited …
(edit) @2547   5 years pcosquer views: notify when an invitation is sent/refused/accepted
(edit) @2546   5 years pcosquer navigate: fix "show attached document [+]" button of part nodes
(edit) @2545   5 years pcosquer ECR: add navigate
(edit) @2544   5 years pcosquer add a new classmethod to Document: get_creation_score This method is used …
(edit) @2542   5 years pcosquer views: show a message when a part/document is detached
(edit) @2538   5 years pcosquer badges: update get_progress methods to reflect renaming of some actions …
(edit) @2537   5 years pcosquer pdfgen: select_pdf_part is not a real view but a "view helper"
(edit) @2535   5 years pcosquer set a more explicit temporary suffix when a file is uploaded
(edit) @2534   5 years pcosquer settins: enable by default the markdown syntax
(edit) @2531   5 years pcosquer template: part: parents: show display form as an inline form, see #209
(edit) @2529   5 years pcosquer css: fix color of wikilinks
(edit) @2528   5 years pcosquer timeline: indent multiline details
(edit) @2527   5 years pcosquer css: timeline: remove unused rule
(edit) @2526   5 years pcosquer ecr: insert the auto field after the reference field
(edit) @2525   5 years pcosquer creation form: reorder attributes: 1. name 2. group 3. …
(edit) @2524   5 years pcosquer itentity cards: move the type, reference and revision above the thumnbail
(edit) @2523   5 years pcosquer navigate: remove the old style used in previous versions
(edit) @2522   5 years pcosquer normalize language code before comparing them to the current language …
(edit) @2521   5 years pcosquer template: home page: simplify the search form
(edit) @2520   5 years pcosquer parts: add child: set default quantity to 1, fix #214
(edit) @2519   5 years pcosquer documents: parts page: display attached parts as a grid (like in browse …
(edit) @2518   5 years pcosquer copy/paste…
(edit) @2517   5 years pcosquer part: doc-cad page: display attached documents as a grid (like in browse …
(edit) @2516   5 years pcosquer navigation history: add link to navigate page
(edit) @2515   5 years pcosquer badges: fix award_to
(edit) @2514   5 years pcosquer badges: fix award_to when tested user is not the current user (like …
(edit) @2513   5 years pcosquer csv import: strip spaces, see #204
(edit) @2512   5 years pcosquer template: lifecycle: display states above the promote/demote buttons
(edit) @2511   5 years pcosquer timeline: minor fixes: * increase size of all items * multilines details …
(edit) @2510   5 years pcosquer oups, fix timeline
(edit) @2509   5 years pcosquer timeline: fix url of GroupHistory? items, fix #208
(edit) @2508   5 years pcosquer fix failing tests
(edit) @2507   5 years pcosquer bom page: show display form as an inline form, see #209
(edit) @2506   5 years pjoulaud Oups ! 1 fatal error in it
(edit) @2505   5 years pjoulaud Update french translations
(edit) @2504   5 years pjoulaud Focus on the name of the object
(edit) @2503   5 years pjoulaud Order not displayed in navigate
(edit) @2502   5 years pjoulaud Improve display of browse and navigate
(edit) @2501   5 years pjoulaud better icons for padlock
(edit) @2500   5 years pjoulaud Improve the way to display actions in timeline and histories
(edit) @2499   5 years pjoulaud Search directly from home page
(edit) @2498   5 years pjoulaud Improve messages for files related actions
(edit) @2497   5 years pjoulaud Improve messages in objects histories and timeline
(edit) @2496   5 years pjoulaud Improve history and timeline display
(edit) @2495   5 years pjoulaud New login page
(edit) @2494   5 years pjoulaud images for new login page
(edit) @2490   6 years pcosquer webdav: AutoRun?.inf is another file the windows client may try to open
(edit) @2489   6 years pcosquer document3D: composition: add a dummy composer TODO: - add location - …
(edit) @2488   6 years pcosquer home page: fix label of disabled upload button
(edit) @2487   6 years pcosquer document3D: clean up generateComposition
(edit) @2486   6 years pcosquer add a permalink to comments
(edit) @2485   6 years pcosquer css: decrease font size of date pickers
(edit) @2484   6 years clepetit Add calendar
(edit) @2482   6 years pcosquer comments: display a better page when an empty comment is posted
(edit) @2480   6 years pcosquer save an history line when a comment is posted
(edit) @2479   6 years pcosquer clean up imports
(edit) @2478   6 years pcosquer view: post comment: only show the success message if no error occured
(edit) @2477   6 years pcosquer remove unused imports
(edit) @2476   6 years pcosquer remove duplicated csrg_token
(edit) @2475   6 years pcosquer identity cards: better positioning of thumbnails and file count
(edit) @2473   6 years pcosquer udpate layout of identity cards file count is show under the thumbnail
(edit) @2469   6 years pcosquer update the celeryd init file to create /var/{run|log}/celery dir on …
(edit) @2468   6 years pcosquer document3D: generateDecomposition: remove unused import
(edit) @2467   6 years pcosquer navigate: fix empty number of files when their are no files at all
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