COURSE 3 : Manage technical data by creating Documents


After Part Structure/BOM management, technical data management is the second pillar of a PLM system.

Each data, each file is encapsulated in an OpenPLM object called Document.

Linking them with Parts, you organize and structure all data.

You will learn how to create Documents and create links between Documents and Parts.


  1. You should be looged in with a valid user who have "Contributor" rights. See TutoGroupsandUsers for User creation.

Create your first Document

1. In the home page, click on "Create" button :
2. Select "Document" in the "Type" menu :
3. Enter "Name" of the Document and click on "Create" button :
5. Select a file and click on "Upload" button :
6. Final result, the file with its thumbnails :

You can add several files to the same Document. This is recommended if you have the same content in two differents formats. For example, you should put a ".odt" and a ".pdf" version in the same document.

Link the Document to a Part

1. Go to PARTS tab and click on "Attach a Part" :
2. On the left, Search engine appear, search for your Part and click on ADD :
3. That's all. Link is created between your Document and the Part :
4. Using Navigate tool, another way to see the link creation :

You can link the document to several parts and a part can be linked to several document. For example, a document describing a norm will be linked to several parts. A part describing a building can be linked to a 2D plan, a 3D plan and several norms.

Create & link a Document to a Part

We can create a Document and link it to a Part in one single process. Here is two ways to proceed.

First way, in Navigate mode :

0. Select a Part (for example : clicking on its box)
1. Click on "Attach a new Document" button :
2. Create new Document as already explained :
3. That's all, but don't forget to upload a file in this new Document :

Second way, DOC-CAD tab :

1. In the DOC-CAD tab, click on "Create a document and attach it to the part" button :
2. Create another Document as already explained :
3. That's all, but don't forget to upload a file in this new Document :

Upload a file first & create Document

In OpenPLM, you can select a file first and then create a new Document.

1. In the home page, click on "Upload" button :
2. Select a file and click on "Upload" button : :
3. Just click on "Create" button ("Name" of the Document is based on the name of the file) :
5. Final result, the Document is created and the file with its thumbnail in it :

Check-out / Check-in process

One of OpenPLM purpose is to help people collaborating together, to help them working out a Document together.

First trap in collaboration process OpenPLM help to escape is the modification of the same file by several people in parallel. The solution is the check-out / check-in process.

When a User check-out a file, he/she download a file and lock it. While locked, the file can't be modified by another User.

When job is done, User check-in the file i.e. he/she upload and unlock it. Then another User can take his turn and check-out the file.

All members of the document's group can check in a file.

1. For a given Document, click on "CHECK-OUT" button :
2. Save the file in your local drive :
3. Another User can't checking-out the same file :
4. Initial User can "CHECK-IN" the file :
5. And select modified file (name must be the same) :

Note, that OpenPLM keeps a trace of minor revisions of each check-in. You can see previous revisions by clicking on the number on the right of the "check-in/out" button. Some previous files may be deleted according to the configuration of OpenPLM.

About OpenPLM connectors

OpenPLM want to simplify as much as possible the way Users manage their data. We want Users to keep his habits and continue working with his favorite business software.

Therefore, we developped some webservices to allow other business softwares interacting with OpenPLM. For all of them the main functions are :

  • Log-in
  • Create a Document
  • Check-out a file
  • Check-in a file
  • Create a new revision
  • Attach the Document to a Part

Here is some videos concerning these connectors :

LibreOffice / OpenOffice

Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint

Microsoft Outlook





Work in progress