COURSE 1 : Getting start creating Working Groups and Users


From a fresh new OpenPLM system, you will learn how to create working groups and how to invite people registering themselves in these working groups.


  1. You should have access to an OpenPLM system. To know more about installation, you can refer to our online documentation :
  1. You should have a special user called "company" already created and you should have received an e-mail with its credentials. If not, please refer to documentation :

Company Login

  1. Open your favorite web browser.
  2. Enter the URL of your OpenPLM server. As an example :  http://your_site_address/
  3. You can see the hereafter web page and you can enter using "company" username and its corresponding password (received by e-mail or set using administration interface) :

Home Page présentation

(1) Access to your User profile

(2) Set your language

(3) Access to the Timeline which displays all changes

(4) Access to online help documentation

(5) Exit OpenPLM session

(6) Access to the Search engine

(7) Access to the Navigate tool

(8) Browse through all OpenPLM objects (Parts, Documents, Groups, Users)

(9) Upload a file and create associated Document

(10) Create an OpenPLM objects (Parts, Documents, Groups, Users)

Create your first Working Group

Note : One of the first OpenPLM principle consists in giving rights based on Working Groups membership. Within one Working Group you can share Parts and Documents. If you are member of it, you have access to it. If you're not member you don't have access to it.

1. In the home page, click on "Create" button :
2. Select "Group" in the "Type" menu :
3. Enter "Name" of the Working Group, "Description" and click on "Create" button :

Sponsor your first user

1. In the home page, click on "Create" button :
2. Select "User" in the "Type" menu :
3. Enter "Name" of the User, fill other fields (including e-mail adress and Group) and click on "Create" button :


Note : Company is not a standard User. It is just to initiate the processus. We advise you to log as a standard User for all other operations.

  1. Log out from "company" profile : Home page presentation
  2. Look at you e-mail box, openPLM send to the e-mail address you enter during User creation with your credentials
  3. Log in again using the User you created just before :

Sponsor other users

Now, you can create other Working Groups and invite other Users in them. Invited users, once registered, will be able to create their own Working Groups and invite their own Users, ... It's a viral process.

csv import for users creation

Note : You must have all necessary rights on the designated groups

1. In the home page, click on "Create" button :
2. Select "User" in the "Type" menu :
3. Follow the link : "Click here to sponsor several users from a CSV file."
4. Select a CSV file and validate (see an example)
5. If not done by OpenPLM, set a field for each line and validate